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Having written hundreds of songs over the last 20 years, I'm fully-equipped and ready to write you a PERSONAL song! Whether it's a 30-second birthday wish for a friend or loved one or a full blown love song for your upcoming wedding or anniversary, I can write a unique song just for you. Below is a list of options I offer – examples included & more available upon request. If you have any questions or need more info, shoot me an email at:

$ 9

a cappella
iPhone Voice Memo

Wanna send your sister a quick pick-me-up? Wanna absolutely roast your buddy? What about a lullaby for your baby? Whatever it is and whoever it's for, I'll write a 10-second banger, sing it into my iPhone, and send it right over. 

Turnaround: same day

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$ 29

15-secOND HD Video
(Personal Use Only)

This option is the next step up in the custom song game – perfect for a TikTok, Instagram, or Facebook post. I'll write a 15-second song about anything (almost), and record a full HD video for you. (studio version audio not included) *Video available in either portrait or landscape mode.

  • add-on "Bobble Head" It + $10 (I'll put anyone's head over mine)

Turnaround: 48 hours

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$ 99

15-secOND HD Video
(For Businesses/Brands)

Social media is where your audience is. Why not have their eyeballs (and ears) on your business or brand?! Got a new product to promote? An upcoming event? If you’re lookin’ for short, creative, and unique content to post and promote on your social platforms, I got you.

Turnaround: 48 hours

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$ 299

Live Acoustic Song with Acoustic Live Video
(30 sec - 1 min) 

Go a little longer with this option. If you’ve got more to say than we can fit in 15 seconds, this one’s for you! Again, I can help you create fun, memorable pieces of video content to garner even more attention from your audience.

Turnaround: 7 days

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$ 499

Live Acoustic Video
of Custom Song 
(up to 5 min)

Ok, ladies. Ok, fellas. Ever wanted your story in a song? Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” is pretty much perfect, but it’s not about YOU. So let’s get you in a song!

Turnaround: 14 days

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$ 749

(30 sec - 1 min)

Wanna hear your jingle on the radio? Want your “on-hold music” to keep your customers' thinking about you long after the call is over? Maybe your YouTube channel needs a quality intro/outro. If so, I’ll provide a polished and professional recording of your custom song that will be stuck in your (and your customers) heads for up to 100 years. Give or take.

Turnaround: 14 days

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$ 999

Fully Produced Full-Length
Custom Song + Lyric Video
(up to 5 min)

Dance to your own song at your upcoming wedding. Put a cherry on top of your 10th anniversary party. Or dedicate a touching tribute to a loved one who might not be with us anymore. I believe music has the ability to mark the most special moments and people in our lives. And I’d be honored to be a part of one of those moments for you!

Turnaround: 30 days

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  • add-on live HD video (includes lyrics on screen) + $100
  • add-on Personal slideshow/Video Montage + $250
  • add-on Live Performance + $750 (you provide travel and lodging)

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